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Who we are

About us

HRM Mission

HRM Dairies (pvt) Ltd is group of friends who came together with an idea to produce in fact to create best Holstein in the world. Pakistani farmers always strived for best dairy cattle but unfortunately, they could not find one authentic dairy farm where they could get top pedigreed Holstein. Now, at present day HRM’s mission is to provide world’s leading Holstein from proven families like Attwood, VALA, Eclipse and Emu. We are unique and different than any other dairy farm where we call ourselves breeders rather than dairy farm, and to enhance our breed further we have got exclusive collaboration with Genetics Australia who will lift HRM’s and Pakistan’s dairy farmers genetics to next level. Where Australian cattle proved that they are the best cattle for Pakistani conditions, Australian semen will prove exactly the same as well.

HRM Vision

HRM’s vision is to become the leader in dairy genetics. HRM to become one of the world’s leading dairies, bringing innovations the way genetics work and operate, and to provide those quality genetics at the door step of every farmer of our nation.
We are committed to provide fresh and healthy milk to our local consumer.
We are committed to supplying premium Australian cattle and genetics products of the highest standard and quality.
HRM mission is to Support the local dairy farmers by educating them about herd management and introduce them to new and innovative techniques to run their dairy farms.

 * World class breed in Pakistan
 * Availability of quality and affordable semen for local farmers
 * To achieve the best milk production possible while keeping our herd healthy.
 * To control the cost of production to achieve a system that is profitable and sustainable at all milk prices.
 * To have local genomics testing facility
 * Grow the HRM to be one of Pakistan’s leading dairy and genetic companies

Our Products

What we do


H.RM. Offers top quality Holstein cows and World best Dairy semen from Australia. H.R.M only values top breeding where quality is never compromised.

About our animals — first time in history of Pakistan , animals from Australia selected through genomic results and with certificate from Holstein Australia — selection was made from top farms like Vala , Bryan Dickson and eclipse genetics

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